Knit a shadow – a spacious textile installation

My first crowd-knitting project, where I people throughout Denmark to knit more than 100 small and large balls for the project. The project is based on everything we will not be; our so-called shadow sites.

“You can call me a lot, but at least I’m not …”

What is it that we do not want to be, and can we benefit from bringing our shadows to light? Just being a little bit of what we don’t want to be, just once in a while.

Inspiration for the shadow work I have obtained from Pernille Melsted who has written several books about our shadows.

“Knit a shadow” I made as a workshop exhibition for Open Workshops in Raadvad in June 2016. The shadows were stiff with wallpaper paste and very fine and light in expression.

Since then, “Knit a Shadow” was exhibited at Fanø Knittingfestival (September 2016),

The outdoor placement required the shadows to be somewhat more robust, and after many attempts, I found myself casting the shade balls in concrete.

The shadow balls now appear far more rustic, without losing the ability to cast shadow by lighting.

Made: Spring 2016

ARoS Public pop up, Nov. 2017
Fanø Knittingfestival, Sep. 2016
Open workshops, Raadvad, June  2016

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