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Join my latest crowd-knitting project

10.000 shadows

I would like to invite you to join my latest crowd-knitting project “10,000 Shadows”.
Together, during 2021, we’ll knit 10,000 small “socks” which I will turn into shadows in 2022 and transform it into a magnificent art exhibition.
I would like to have participants from all over the world, my aim is to get at least 100 shadows from at least 10 other countries.
So, please join the project.
If you are a member of a knitting club, go together and knit 1 % of the 10.000 shadows. – Yes – that’s 100 pcs.
You’ll find the pattern in text here, and as a video right here.
Don’t you knit? Really?
Then you probably know somebody. Please, help me spread the word, and tell them that they’ll become part of something really big and really cool.
Have fun.
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